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Аstrum Аvia Service



Our activities are focused on the sale of aviation equipment, production and supply of spare parts, components and assemblies for aircraft of all types, repair and maintenance of aircraft and helicopters of all brands and modifications, and other aircraft equipment and various systems.


Our skilled professionals and our own production of spare parts  and  industrial repair base allows us to supply a wide range of spare parts, components and assemblies for aircraft, as well as provide aircraft repair and warranty services:


  •  Supply of aircraft equipment, and unmanned aerial vehicles;

  •   Production and supply of aircraft components, spare parts, components, assemblies and consumables for the aircraft equipment of 1st category of both Russian and foreign production for the Russian and foreign aircraft.

  •  Supply of spare parts, components and assemblies for aircraft equipment of 2nd category (partial operating time while in operation or reconstructed during overhaul);

  •  Overhaul and restoration of components and assemblies for helicopters conducted both at Russian enterprises, and abroad;

  •  Organization and carrying out of repair according to esseintial requirements of civil aircraft and helicopters, transport and military aviation, components and assemblies to them;

  •  Conduction of flight tests after repairs (modernization) and objective control of the flight test;

  •  Supply of aviation ground equipment;

  •  Supply and maintenance of ground airfield-technical equipment;

  •  Supply of controlling and checkout equipment;

  •  Supply of modernization kits for the of aircraft equipment when performing maintenance work;

  •  Supply of radar and magnetometric systems;

  •  Supply of special-purpose aircraft systems and complexes;

  •  Production and supply of flight simulators.


Astrum Air Service Company provides technical support for its equipment and service throughout its life cycle in the warranty and post-warranty periods.


Airworthiness and compliance with the law is guaranteed.


The information on this website is not a public offer and is for informational purposes only. For more information on the prices of products or services, please contact our managers.


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