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Astrum Avia Service has many years of experience in conducting routine maintenance, organization of repair of aircraft and helicopters of the Russian and foreign production, restoration of their components and assemblies conducted both at Russian enterprises and abroad.  Performing the contract our skilled professionals provide: 



  • analysis of customer’s requirements on the organization of the repair of aircraft;

  • Preparation of our production and repair base according to the customer’s needs

  • If repair works are impossible to be provided at our base, we can choose and evaluate other Aircraft repair company, with technically equipped base and all technical documentation and system of certification of quality needed. 

  • Mobile maintenance team performs diagnostics and determines the workscope on your base anywhere in the world; 

  • coordination of technical specifications for the repair of aircraft equipment and  repair costs;

  • production and / or acquisition of necessary components and assemblies for aircraft;

  • delivery organization of aircraft equipment to the aircraft repair base;

  • receiption  of aircraft equipment for repair;

  • repair services, quality control and  timeliness of repair;

  • assembly and flight tests of aircraft after  repair;

  • transfer of aircraft  to the customer after repair;
  •  delivery of overhauled aircraft equipment to the customer;
  • fulfillment of guarantee for the repair according to the contract.







We carry out delivery, repair and exchange of products for  aircraft, and provide logistical support. 




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